Which LMS is the Right LMS?

So which LMS should I use? Well, it depends on how many users you will have and what your budget is.  The list that is displayed below shows some of the Top LMS providers. I have used 2 in this list, Prosperity and Moodle.  They’re all good, but Moodle is the best for those with a tight budget.  With most of the learning management system providers you have little to no access to the backend.  This would be fine for people with no experience setting up an LMS.  These providers  handle all the heavy lifting, and you sit back and focus on course building.

Comparative Pricing for 1000 Learners

Accord LMS


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $7500
  • Setup Fees $7500
  • Total First Year Cost $9500
Blatant Absorb LMS


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $21600
  • Setup Fees $4000
  • Total First Year Cost $25600


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $17650
  • Setup Fees $3100
  • Total First Year Cost $20750
BlueVolt LMS


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $34300
  • Setup Fees $9600
  • Total First Year Cost $43900
Interactyx TOPYX LMS


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $22500
  • Setup Fees $2500
  • Total First Year Cost $25000
Ziiva Prosperity


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) $15050
  • Setup Fees $6500
  • Total First Year Cost $21550
Moodle LMS


  • Annual Cost (SaaS) Free
  • Setup Fees Free

  • Total First Year Cost Free

Prosperity LMS

My experience with Prosperity LMS has scared me away from this method because every time I needed a change it took days.  Also, their LMS didn’t work half the time and ruined the reputation of the person I was building courses for. This client had to stop using that LMS after he had spent over $40,000.00 for the system.  He had over 15,000 students.  I was in charge of uploading students to the system so when it went down I heard about it. That was a couple of years ago so I hope by now their system is better. Just remember once you get the ball rolling it is hard to start over with a lot of users.


Moodle LMS

For me Moodle works great and has everything you need for a reliable LMS. The learning curve is not that steep, and there is an incredible community that can help every step of the way. When I say Moodle is “free” that only pertains to monetary cost. It takes time to learn it and set it up. It also requires that you fix it if something goes wrong.


Absorb LMS

My only experience with Absorb was a trial, and I loved it.  It’s pricey but works great!

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I would like to hear from you guys.  Tell me what LMS works for you. Was it a good experience?

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